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The Race of my Life: updates from our sailor

What happened so far: The thrilling journey of our sailor, Matthias Eigenmann

We are proud to support the project of Matthias Eigenmann, who is participating in the Clipper Round the World sailing race and circumnavigating the globe. In doing so, he is also campaigning for The Ocean Cleanup, a project that confronts the issue of polluted oceans.

Challenges, hope & success

A great deal has happened since the race started in August 2017. Matthias Eigenmann and his team won the first two legs – from Liverpool to Uruguay and then onwards to Cape Town. But not without incident: the skipper injured himself and had to be replaced.

The third leg was pure action – the boat ran aground on a reef in South Africa and suffered irreparable damage. But even then, the crew didn’t give up hope: having joined a new team, Dare to Lead, Matthias tackled the next leg without any problems and is once again sailing the world’s oceans.


The fifth leg takes Matthias from the east coast of Australia to China – an exciting race with constantly changing sailing and weather conditions. The boats will then travel to Seattle (6th leg – February to April 2018 ) before sailing through the Panama Canal into the Atlantic and north to New York (7th leg – April to June) then, last but not least, making the final push back to the place where it all began: Liverpool.

We are looking forward to hearing about Matthias’ latest adventures and wish him all the best for the next legs of the race!

You can follow his journey on Dare to Lead and share in all the excitement:

Race viewer: https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/race/standings

Our Facebook page: Griesser Group



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