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Solar shading on the patio

Griesser and weinor have a long history together. In 1991, the Griesser Group acquired a majority stake in weinor, laying the foundations for a strong and globally active partnership.

About us


By buying a workshop in Aadorf (Switzerland) in 1882, Anton Griesser laid the foundations for his company which is now steeped in tradition. The pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship of its founder has remained with the Griesser brand over time and they live on in its philosophy and products. Griesser has been a family-run company since it was founded and still retains its independence today.

  • 2024

    100 years of Griesser Italy

    In 1924, the pioneer Fritz Griesser founded a subsidiary in Como with its own production facilities. Since its foundation, the Italian market has been developed step by step with a great deal of innovative spirit. Today, Griesser Italy has its headquarters in Verona and a branch in Como, where the company was founded.
  • 2023

    Architects’ Choice 2023

    The pantograph shutter from Griesser was honoured as "Architects' Choice" at the Houses of the Year awards ceremony. This award recognises national and international companies whose products make a positive contribution to single-family homes.
  • Expansion of the production site in Austria

    Griesser is expanding its production facility in Nenzing (AT). This sustainable investment is an important step for the local economy and emphasises the company's commitment to renewable energy and environmental responsibility.

    In addition to the timber construction, a key sustainable aspect of the expansion is the installation of a hybrid powder coating system. Griesser will also use a photovoltaic system to power the coating process with environmentally friendly energy that it produces itself.
  • 2022

    Griesser wins the Family Business Award

    Griesser wins the prestigious Family Business Award. The award honours sustainable and value-oriented entrepreneurship. We are extremely happy!
  • 140 years: Griesser celebrates its anniversary

    The year 2022 was characterised by the 140th anniversary of the company. To mark the occasion, employees were given an insight into Griesser's history with stories. The anniversary was celebrated in a special way at the Griesser Festival in Aadorf.
  • 2021

    Rollout New Branding - Inspired by the Sun

    Curtain up for "Inspired by the Sun.": From January 20, 2021, Griesser will present its new logo and brand identity. This marks the start of a new era for Griesser. The future of Griesser is sustainable and ambitious. With its new image, Griesser presents itself more sustainably, authentically and emotionally throughout Europe. The modernized logo is now reduced to its essential components. The new corporate color, a sunlit green, is mainly intended above all to create a high level of environmental awareness and a look to the future.
  • 2020

    Architect’s Darling: Gold for Griesser

    Griesser has once again won the golden phoenix in the Swiss "Architects' Darling 2020" award. After winning in the sun and weather protection category in 2018, when the award was carried out for the first time, Griesser has once again been awarded the Golden Phoenix this year. The company was convincing in every respect.
  • 2019

    Management change at Griesser

    After 28 years, Walter Strässle, the former CEO and co-owner, is handing over operational management of the Griesser brand to Urs Neuhauser. Following this operational change, the company will remain in family hands - Walter Strässle has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors as of May and will actively lead the strategic direction of the Griesser brand.

    Urs Neuhauser has been responsible for various business units in the construction industry for the past seven years as a member of the Group Management of the Swiss company Jansen AG. He was responsible for building up new markets, strengthening businesses and implementing innovations. Urs Neuhauser will now contribute his experience as the new CEO of Griesser and continue to develop the brand.
  • 2018

    Architects' Darling Swiss Edition 2018: Gold for Griesser

    Griesser is delighted about the "Architects' Darling" Award in the sun protection category. On March 15, 2018, we received the Golden Phoenix at the award ceremony at Kaufleuten Zurich.

    The winner was determined on the basis of a nationwide and independent survey of around 400 architects in Switzerland, who were able to choose their "favourite" from 82 construction product manufacturers in 20 categories.
  • 2016

    Start with Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Digital revolution in European solar shading – Griesser begins introducing the innovative ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    The new ERP system offers unparalleled networking across groups.
  • 2014

    Performance Award for pantograph shutter

    Griesser is awarded the Innovation Prize for its folding pantograph shutter at the international Equip’Baie trade fair in Paris.
  • 2012

    Performance Award for Metalunic Sinus

    Griesser received the performance award for the external venetian blind Metalunic Sinus at the international exhibition Equip'Baie in Paris.
  • Takeover of A.S.T

    Griesser has acquired the company A.S.T Alu-System-Technik (now Griesser AST GmbH), the European expert in aluminum shutters, with a factory in Nenzing.
  • 2011

    Event center for Griesser AG

    In January 2011, Griesser AG inaugurated the event center in Aadorf. The new facility serves as both a showroom and an education center and is used for internal and external training in solar shading. The event center has capacity for 140 people.
  • 2009

    The SME Award 2009 is conferred to Griesser AG

    FDP.The Liberals confers the SME Award on a regular basis. This year, it went to a company which is notably dedicated to energy efficiency and the environment.
    Awareness among companies to invest in future-proof environmental and energy technology hasn’t only increased since energy prices started to rise. These days, any company that wants to enjoy economic success, can’t afford to ignore the environment. FDP.The Liberals Thurgau firmly believes that it’s possible to create improved environmental conditions without negatively impacting on economic wellbeing. It therefore used this year’s SME Award to target those companies which have an impressive commitment to energy efficiency and environmental issues.
    Headed by Dr. Wolfgang Maute, the jury, which was made up of representatives from Thurgau-based businesses and from the FDP Thurgau party executive committee, agreed that this year’s SME Award would be conferred to Aadorf-based Griesser AG.
    Griesser takes innovative spirit and quality very seriously. This is also the case when it comes to energy efficiency – right from the building shell and production process to the finished product. These aspects also helped the jury reach their decision.
  • 2008

    Renovation of headquarters & CO2 reduction

    The office building at Griesser headquarters is renovated and equipped with the latest technology and energy systems. A high level of energy efficiency is ensured and a key contribution to environmental protection made thanks to a special night cooling and air conditioning concept used in conjunction with the latest external venetian blinds.
  • 2007

    Subsidiary in Spain

    The subsidiary “Griesser S.L. Persianas y Estores” is founded in La Pobla de Claramunt / Barcelona (Spain).
  • Belt coating & CO2 reduction

    CHF 5 million is invested in the new belt coating system. The plasma system, which is the only one of its kind in the world, is used to coat aluminum slats. This investment not only speeds up production fourfold, but also raises environmental protection levels by doing away with hexavalent chrome in cleaning.
  • 2006

    “Thurgauer Apfel” motivation award

    Griesser is nominated by an independent jury to receive the “Thurgauer Apfel” motivation award. This award rewards excellent entrepreneurial accomplishments which extend beyond canton borders.
  • 2005

    Modern innovation center

    Production rooms are converted into modern lofts. The innovation center is made available to the innovation team for blinds and rolling shutters and the control team of Griesser Electronic AG.
  • 2001

    Awning production in Aadorf

    A production hall for awnings is built at the plant in Aadorf (Switzerland). Efficient production becomes reality due to the company making up its own fabric for awnings (sun blinds). The aim is to implement shorter delivery deadlines for awning products.
  • 1995

    Powder coating machine

    Production rooms are converted into modern lofts. The innovation center is made available to the innovation team for blinds and rolling shutters and the control team of Griesser Electronic AG.
  • 1975

    Innovation award for Rolpac

    Griesser receives an innovation award at the international building exhibition, Batimat, in Paris, for inventing the “Rolpac” stackable shutter.
  • Griesser buys Multronic Zürich AG

    Griesser takes over Multronic Zürich AG (now Griesser Electronic AG), based in Dübendorf. The company is responsible for developing and producing blind controls and information and transmission systems.
  • 1955

    A heavy blow

    During the night of 29/30 March, a major fire destroys a considerable part of the production plant in Aadorf. Thanks to a great deal of help from suppliers, Aadorf residents and competitors, production restarts a few days after the fire.
  • 1949

    First external venetian blinds with beaded slats

    Production of the patented “Solomatic” external venetian blinds with beaded slats starts. The product has a unique operating mechanism to lower, raise and adjust the slats.
  • 1928

    Subsidiary in France

    The “Manufacture de stores roulants Griesser et Cie” is founded with its own factory in Nice, France. Internally, the subsidiary is called “Griesser France”.
  • 1924

    Subsidiary in Italy

    The subsidiary “Manifattura di Persiane Avvolgibili, Camerlata” is founded with its own factory in Camerlata-Como, Italy.
  • 1920

    Opening in Zurich

    The first sales and assembly companies are founded in Switzerland. Branches are opened in Zurich (1920), in Basel and Lausanne (1931), in Berne (1938) and in Geneva (1943).
  • 1882

    Founding of Griesser

    Anton Griesser buys a mill workshop in Aadorf and settles there as a young, self-employed craftsman with his wife, Marie Meier. Thanks to his never-tiring initiative, rolling shutters – which at this time were virtually unheard of – became more and more popular, both in Switzerland and abroad.