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BiLine - Radio controls from Griesser


The BiLine control system provides reliable remote control, combined with contemporary design. With its discreet appearance, it fits into any environment. The hand-held transmitter, Progreso 15M, allows you to easily control up to fifteen receivers or groups.
And, the entire menu can be comfortably programmed on the LED screen using the joystick. A timer that has multiple functions, such as for sunrise and sunset times, vacations periods, time blocks and day and weekly times, is also integrated.

The new BiLine app, Centero, makes things possible: Now you can conveniently and intuitively operate your home technology per iPhone or iPad. There are many advantages: The integration into your existing BiLine system is quick and easy, and you can have a connection offline. Are you looking for even more living comfort? No problem! You can even store your personal settings in scenes which can then be called up as needed.


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