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Curtain call for “Inspired by the Sun.”

Griesser is heralding in the new year with some major visual changes. The company is moving forward stronger than ever and full of inspiration.

More sustainable, more authentic, and more emotional: Griesser’s fresh new look says it all. The revamped logo has been pared back to include only the bare essentials, while the new corporate color of sun-drenched green notably highlights the company’s commitments to both the environment and a brighter future.

“Our new market presence represents the start of a new era for Griesser, and is based on the pioneering spirit that has characterized our rich company history,” enthuses Urs Neuhauser, Griesser CEO. “By coming up with new standards for what we offer, the brand is shifting towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future for all. Now is the time to showcase our new brand positioning both within the company and to the outside world, to set standards, and to heighten people’s emotional response to our products.”

Inspired by the Sun.” will be visible and tangible in terms of the design of our products, in our interactions with employees and customers alike, and also in our company image. The transition will take place in several phases until mid-2022, saving on both resources and costs.