Presentation of the «Official Partner» certificate

Rewarding top partners of Griesser for their skills & performance.

In 2022, the Griesser Group is proud to celebrate 140 years of supplying sun protection and solar shading solutions. None of this would be possible without our partners. These distributors bring our solutions to the market and support end users, from advice at the start of a project to installation and maintenance of the product.

To reward the biggest partners who excel in quality and service to end users, Griesser is pleased to reward their efforts with an exclusive "Official Partner" certificate.

Who can obtain the exclusive "Official Partner" certificate?

The certificate recognizes the biggest partners who have not only participated in extensive theoretical and practical training courses in the Griesser Academy, but also those who have provided excellent customer service and are striving for continuous improvement.

With this certificate, which can be displayed in a showroom, the partners can demonstrate their competence and experience to the end consumer, an important factor in establishing a relationship of trust. Of course, excellent quality and service are other key elements through which partners can distinguish themselves from the competition.

What is the benefit for the customer?

It is fundamental for us to accompany the partner during the entire sales cycle. Through our training, we ensure that the partner has in-depth technical knowledge of the different solutions we offer, has the right sales arguments and can become an installation expert.

We have a dedicated team that guides the partner through all the details when drawing up the quotations, which is a great help in ensuring that the partner can offer the best solution for each specific need. Of course, we also offer materials to help the partner gain visibility in the market.

Adriano La Pietra, Managing Director and Head of International Partner Relations at Griesser, adds: "We are very proud to have a strong network of successful partners in our markets. It's also thanks to them that we're writing 140 years of success stories!"